Bed & Breakfast


"By appointment of Her Royal Majesty" (My Wife)

Quail Hollow is now offering companion-dog training.  We are accepting one dog at a time to be our house guest.  He or she will be our personal pet.

During the day, he will go on five field trips a week.  In the evening, pup will be in the house with me.  Upon retiring for the evening, he or she will be crated or confined to the kitchen.  On the weekends, pup will have R&R in its outside suite.  He will be Quail Hollow's official greeter.

House training will consist of upkeeping his house breaking, socialization, and crate training. Also, the skill of silence will be maintained.

General obedience will involve sit, stay, and walking on a leash like a lady or gentleman. The maintenance plan will consist of two feedings daily (if needed) but definitely a bed time snack.  Regular grooming will be performed.

Field trips will include training to be staunch on point, to retrieve willingly and tenderly, to whoa on command and to work to the whistles.

For check-in a full health certificate is required.

The fee for this get-away is 850.00 per month (28 days); the full program takes three months.

If you feel that your best friend needs or deserves (TLC) training with love and care, call the inn-keeper for reservations.