TrainingThank you for your inquiry on our training program.
    Training of all pointing breeds is done on a monthly basis; the average dog between 6-14 months takes about three to four months to teach coming and quartering to the whistle, pointing and retrieving. The fourth month concentrates on honoring the brace mate's point and steady to wing and shot. The dog would be on a fourteen day trial period during which the natural and mental abilities will be examined to determine acceptance into the program. Presently, the fee is $750.00 per month (28 days) in advance of each month. This fee includes boarding, training and birds (pheasant are extra). Also, if applicable there is a $125.00 airport fee, pick-up and delivery.

    A health certificate from your Veterinarian is necessary before your dog can enter the program. The certificate must show that the dog has been vaccinated against DHLP, Parvo, (current parvo shot within 60 days) Lyme Disease, Kennel Cough and Rabies. The dog's stool and heartworm test must both be negative. The owner supplies the prescribed heartworm preventive medication.
    Quail Hollow is also offering instruction in field training on an hourly basis. This fee is $80.00 per hour PLUS birds.

At present, there is a waiting list for training. A $100.00 deposit will place your name on this list and reserve a kennel for you. Call for next available opening.